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The truth behind ‘Zoom fatigue’ – the impact of videoconferencing on our minds and bodies Rachel McKeown discusses the factors underlying Zoom fatigue
Rapidx: A Rapid Disease Testing Startup at Cambridge University Using Plasmonics Yan-Yi Lee describes how laser technology is aiming to improve PCR testing for microbial infections
Uplifting Plants: Hebes in New Zealand’s Southern Alps Anne Thomas discusses the diversification of a flowering shrub in mountain habitats
Access to Electricity: A Growing Issue in 2023 and Beyond Chisom Ifeobu highlights how a framework to classify people's access to electricity could help plans to improve global access
Novel Mapping of the Human Immune System Could Unveil New Targets in Medical Therapy Yan-Yi Lee and Sung-Mu Lee discuss how researchers have created a map of the signalling proteins of the human immune system