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It is separated from the abstract by a space when I preview it, but when it is posted it appears in a separate location from the abstract. Could someone tell me how that space is generated in the preview? Also, how is it that the abstract and the full text suddenly appear in different places? At the moment the text is close to the edge, which looks a little messy if you see what I mean. How is it possible to automatically ensure that a gap is left between the article and the edge? I want that gap to be at least one inch. How do I do that? There's another thing. I seem to have to keep re-entering the subject line after previewing an article. Could you tell me why this happens? Funnily enough, it only happens when I edit an article or comment directly from the admin site (through submit admin article), but when I follow the links to edit from the article on the homepage it works fine.

Lauri: When you type in the article, you type in the whole message. If you were a normal user, the article would not be put up in the site immediate, but it would go through a process called moderation where one of the admins or moderators checks the article, extracts the key bits for the abstract, and specifies that the article can be actually put up on the site.

For admin users this a bit of a problem, as the messages generated by admins will be posted directly. Maybe we should change this behaviour back to the traditional way, and moderate all articles?

Rend: If three people are jointly working on a site, and doing so remotely, how do they coordinate their efforts so it doesn't end up looking like a war zone? Perhaps an area needs to be set up where they can message each other instantly so that they can communicate between postings. This communication could take the form of a site administration chatroom that other people can see, but only we can use.

Lauri: If this is here by an accident since there seems to be an excatly similar actual article on the site?

Rend: Yes there seems to be a problem somewhere... databasing? Some of the links? If I enter text here, it looks like it might link to something it shouldn't.

There's a subdirectory structure emerging with the commenting. Could this be related to the glitch in the system?

Also, can we get a todo list up on the site that we can modify/comment on /add to?

I understand the directory structure now (comments on comments as subsets), but feel that it would work better without the indentation.

Also, that it would be better to link comment to comment rather than root (as the comment is what people expect when they click on it...

I'm not clear on the difference structurally between a comment and an article, and how to submit and edit (separately) each.

Final thing, two paragraph breaks generated on preview look like a bit much?

Risto:The 'abstract' text is used in the preview to denote what's not part of the main text.

We have the abstract separately so that the home page would not be full of long text, and I don't think it should be repeated on the article page.

The space around the text is really a matter of themes -the articles should have a unified look. We'll have to meet sometime to discuss and make the changes.

Rend S. Shakir is a Ph.D. student in Psychiatry at St. Catharine's