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Cambridge University Science Magazine

  1. Registering the domain name, which we did at

    If you've come up with the coolest possible domain, be sure to register it before someone else does!

  2. Hosting the site.

    The site currently runs on Lauri's machine, a 120 MHz Pentium with Debian GNU/Linux.

    We have a virtual hosting solution underway, we'll let you know when we get there.

  3. Finding / writing the necessary software

    After testing several free packages, we decided to run thatware. The kind of hosting may have limitations on the software you can use. Thatware was designed for virtual hosting, but it lacked several features so Lauri took over to hack the scripts.

  4. Design

    OK, this is something we thought of from the beginning. It not only includes the visual appearance, but also what the site does and how. We found it best to finalize the appearance only after the 'site engine' was working properly.