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When you picture an Instagram influencer, a lab-coated, safety-spec-wearing scientist may not come to mind. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns triggered an increase in the use of “distance learning” and social media for both educational and communication purposes. Instagram, with over one billion users, provides the perfect platform to communicate science and inspire the next generation of researchers. Here are three of our favourite science Instagram accounts to keep you occupied on your morning commute. Best for...

PhD motivation: @Paigeinscience

Paige White provides helpful tips on how to navigate life as a new PhD student. If you want to avoid academic burnout, perfect your scientific writing or improve productivity, this is the account for you.

Career advice:

Dr Sophie Milbourne is a former stem cell biologist turned science communicator. Her account features a weekly roundup of the latest science communication opportunities and courses - great for any aspiring science communication professionals.

Photography: @natgeo

With over 200 million followers, National Geographic is the world’s top non-celebrity Instagram account. Whether it be the first view of an eclipse or a tiger bathing in a river, @natgeo features an abundance of breathtaking imagery and information about the natural world.

Science Instagram accounts can be both informative and inspiring. Why not incorporate Instagram into your daily life as a scientist? Whether you’re snapping a colourful experiment, taking a selfie on a field trip or recording a timelapse of your day in the lab... you could be the next Influencer!

Article by Libby Brown