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Cambridge University Science Magazine
Alex Hyatt, Editor

In the FOCUS section of this issue of BlueSci, we check up on the progress being made in gene therapy, a technology that has gone from being overly hyped to overly criticised, and is finally delivering on some of its promise. In Technology, we examine electronic lab books, the latest gadget aimed at making research a little easier (or at least a little more organised). And in Arts and Reviews, we explore how science has shaped the development of art and why scientists are ultimately responsible for the existence of ‘modern art’.

You’ll also find a new light-hearted regular called Weird and Wonderful, where we ponder some odd but interesting scientific questions: does cracking your knuckles really give you arthritis? Does naming a dairy cow increase its milk production? For the answers to these and other fascinating questions, find a quiet spot and continue reading. Alex Hyatt

Stephanie Glaser, Managing Editor

As the new term begins, fresh enthusiasm is obvious throughout the University. Most of us have been able to refill our batteries over the summer, regaining some energy to weather the last few months of the year. Accompanied by this new wave of excitement, we present to you the 19th issue of BlueSci. As always, you can expect articles about the latest scientific research: keep reading and you will find out why our oceans are in danger, how King Tut might have died and how vaccines were developed.

The publication of this term’s issue of BlueSci also marks the launch of our improved website ( As well as an upgraded layout, brand new features have been added, so it is definitely worth checking out. In addition to our termly magazine, we will also be publishing regular articles online. From now on we will be able to accept more student articles and publish many of those on our homepage. So if you are keen to start writing about science and join the fascinating world of science communication, contact us! Stephanie Glaser

Issue 19: Michalemas 2010

Editor: Alex Hyatt
Managing Editor: Stephanie Glaser
Business Manager: Michael Derringer

Second Editors: Rachel Berkowitz, Diana Deca, Ian Fyfe, Nicholas Gibbons, Heather Hillenbrand, Tim Middleton, Catherine Moir, Lindsey Nield, Praful Ravi, Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts, Nicola Stead, Katherine Thomas, Djuke Veldhuis

Sub-Editors: Diana Deca, Jai Grover

News Editor: Katherine Thomas
News Team: Taylor Burns, Nicholas Gibbons, Ayesha Sengupta
Book Reviews: Alex Jenkin, Tim Middleton, Djuke Veldhuis

Focus Editor: Jessica Robinson
Focus Team: Maja Choma, Jack Green, Wendy Mak
Weird and Wonderful: Xia Chen, Nicola Stead, Richard Thomson

Pictures Editor: Wendy Mak
Pictures Team: Heather Blackmore, Wing Ying Chow, Lydia Hunter, Nicola Stead
Production Manager: Ian Fyfe
Production Team: Wing Ying Chow, Wendy Mak, Nicola Stead
Cartoonist: Alex Hahn
Cover Image: Ivan Minev