Cambridge Science Centre: Science For All

Emma Werner discusses the Cambridge Science Centre and its role in inspiring a new generation of scientists with Lisa-Marie Cahill Numerous scientists today hold fond memories of childhood visits to science museums and festivals, where they learnt about the world around them and perhaps pictured themselves as future scientists for the very first time.  The Cambridge Science Centre was established in 2013 to help children in and around Cambridge uncover the

The BlueSci Mental Wellbeing Survey

Through Lent term and Easter 2018, BlueSci conducted a survey on mental wellbeing at the University of Cambridge. Our aim was to better understand how our studies interact with our mental health, and explore how faculties can best support students. Laura Nunez-Mulder, Elsa Loissel, and Martha Dillon explain the results. Read the two interviews linked to this article, with student Keir Murison and head of the University Counseling Service Géraldine