Ambling in the Arctic: a geological expedition in remote Greenland

Victoria Honour discusses Arctic camping, bear alarms, and the solidification of magma on her recent expedition to the Skaergaard intrusion True wilderness is hard to find in today’s globalised world. But with a population of only 70,000 people, and a landmass nine times the size of the UK, Greenland remains relatively untouched by human activity. Fieldwork there is a blissful escapism from the 24/7 connectivity of everyday life. Location, location,

Marie Curie, 150 years on

First woman to be a professor at a French University; first to receive a Nobel Prize; only recipient of two Science Nobel Prizes. Her name used for prestigious research grants, her portrait on medals and currencies. Someone who, because she was a woman, was denied a higher education in her home country; forbidden to give lectures in prestigious institutions; considered an “assistant” in the very research she initiated and led;